Microwave Repair in Riverside

Top Rated Microwave Repair in Riverside


The convenience of microwave is something that nearly all people now take for granted. Until theirs malfunctions, that is. Though some cheaper models probably aren’t worth repairing, most of today’s high end models are definitely not throwaway machines. A relatively cheap and simple repair job is usually all it takes to get your microwave working as good as new again.

The quality of both microwaves and microwave dinners has come a long way over the past decade. Home-prepared meals have never been easier and simpler. Unfortunately, some Riverside families depend on the convenience of microwave cooking so much that they will continue using a malfunctioning one. Not only will this increase the likelihood of damaging it beyond repair, but can also expose everyone living in your home to the dangers of electrical fire or electrocution. If your microwave is malfunctioning, unplug it immediately and then give Riverside Appliance Repair a call.

The microwaves being sold today are higher quality and more energy efficient than ever before. Because of their increasingly delicate electronic features, however, modern microwaves and other appliances should only be repaired by trained professionals. A lot can go wrong when taking a microwave apart, so do everyone a favor and let Riverside Appliance Repair fix it for you. We offer all Riverside microwave repair service with convenient scheduling and competitive low price-matching.

Here are some common microwave problems that we handle all the time:

Microwave begins smoking or sparking (unplug immediately!)

Loud buzzing or other strange sounds

Rotating mechanism not working

Broken digital display

Broken timer

Power / temperature settings not adjusting properly

Internal light blown out

Food not heating properly

Door jammed or unhinged

The sooner you call Riverside Appliance Repair, the sooner your broken microwave will be fixed. Our team of certified factory repair technicians includes specialists with expert knowledge of all makes and models of microwaves (countertop, built-in, and over range) from the leading manufacturers (GE, Frigidaire, Sharp, Kenmore, Whirlpool, Panasonic, and LG, among others). We always provide a detailed written estimate before we start working, and will only perform those repair services which you agreed to. No hidden charges…we promise!

Searching for Riverside microwave repair? Look no further! Riverside Appliance Repair has been winning over the hearts and minds of customers throughout the Inland Empire for over a decade. Contact us today and see why!