Ice Maker Repair in Riverside

Top Rated Ice Maker Repair in Riverside


Broken ice makers mean settling for room temperature beverages rather than ice cold ones. Unfortunately, that’s the least of the troubles if (like most people) your ice maker is integrated into your refrigerator/freezer unit. Although most people certainly can make due without an ice maker, its problems could be a symptom of an even bigger problem with you refrigerator or freezer

Broken ice makers are generally a quick and easy fix for our service pros. Riverside Appliance Repair has built its reputation on treating customers with respect, consideration, and honesty. Providing first class appliance repair services to the Inland Empire at competitive rates has been our mission since we first opened over a decade ago. If you have been putting off having your ice maker or any other major appliance repaired, give us a call today and discover just how simple it can be when you work with family owned and operated business staffed by true professionals. Riverside Appliance Repair Service provides complete written estimates before we start any job and will perform only those repair or maintenance services which you sign for. No hassles, no scams, and absolutely no hidden fees. Your only regret will be that you did not contact us sooner.

We service everything from large dedicated ice making machines, portable ice makers used by parents at sporting events, and the ice dispensers built in to modern refrigerator/freezer combos. Our factory-trained service technicians are familiar with virtually every make and model of under-counter, freestanding, and portable ice makers produced by the big name manufacturers (EdgeStar, GE, Kenmore, and KitchenAid, Scotsman, and Whirlpool, to name a few). Whatever your ice maker repair needs are, Riverside Appliance Repair Service will get it fixed fast and get it fixed right.

Riverside Appliance Repair offers quality ice maker repair and maintenance service throughout the Inland Empire. Call us today if you have any of the following ice maker problems:

Leaks (water or coolant)

Machine is frozen over

Ice is unusually small or oddly shaped

Discolored and seemingly “dirty” ice

Ice with a strange taste or odor

Ice runs out too fast (i.e. not enough being produced)

Ice not dispensing properly (including dropping without reason)

Display features or internal lamp broken

Machine is overheating / too hot

Excessively loud or strange noises

Even in this tough economy, iced beverages are a simple pleasure that no California household should have to live without. Riverside Appliance Repair will match any competitor’s pricing, so you really have nothing to lose. Looking for Riverside ice maker repair service? Look no further. Call or email us today!