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Experts Recommend These Dryer Maintenance Tips

When you buy a new appliance there are a lot of things that you need to consider. For most people, the most important factors are how long the appliance will last, how much it costs and how easy it is to use. As far as dryers go, there are too many other factors to consider. Maybe none of those things matter to you and you just want to make sure that they washer and dryer you choose look good in your laundry room.  Either way, after you decide which dryer is right for you it is essential to do take some time to make sure you maintain your dryer. These dryer maintenance tips are just a few of the things you will hear from appliance experts about how to care for your dryer.

Along with experts, your mother would probably agree with the first thing on the list of dryer maintenance tips, always keep your dryer screen clean. No matter if you call the screen a lint trap or a lint filter or maybe just the screen, you should always take some time after you remove clothes from the dryer to get the lint off and toss it in the garbage. Lint is a huge enemy of the dryer and build up from lint is the cause of many household fires each year. So you could also say that fire safety experts are another group that would put this at the top of the list of dryer maintenance tips to remember.

If you want to make sure that your dryer is not only safe, but runs efficiently as well, be sure that when you put a load of clothes into the dryer, you are not loading it too full. When you try to dry more clothes than you should at a time, it will take longer and you will not get your dryer to run as efficiently as possible. When small loads take a while to dry as well, you might need to check to see if there is lint stuck somewhere in the venting system. If the lint trap is clean, consider that the issue may be in the venting tube. You may also want to check your owner’s manual to see if you are above the recommended load size.

Last on the list of dryer maintenance tips is to keep some brushes handy in your laundry room to keep the lint trap compartment clean as well as the venting tube. While you will need quite a large brush to clean out the venting tube, there are smaller brushes that work well to clean out the lint trap compartment of your dryer. The small brushes should be used once a week or so and can be found at your local home improvement store. If you cannot find a large brush for your venting tube, do a quick search online. You will not use these brushes quite as often, but once a year they will come in handy. Hopefully, that list of dryer maintenance tips will help you keep your dryer system clean and safe.