Freezer Repair in Riverside

Top Rated Freezer Repair in Riverside


Broken freezers require immediate attention to prevent food from melting or spoiling. If your freezer has broken down, keep the door shut and call Riverside County Appliance Repair ASAP! We offer our customers same day emergency service at no extra charge, even on weekends and holidays. We always have service crews standing by for just these occasions.

If you are among the many that purchase groceries in bulk from warehouse stores, you rely on your freezer more than ever before. You probably have heard some people complain that modern appliances are not built to last that it is better to simply replace a broken freezer rather than trying to get it repaired. Honestly, that is ignorant and wasteful advice. In fact, most freezers on the market today are actually much more capable machines than the energy guzzlers we had growing up.

Professional freezer repair and maintenance is the key to making sure that your freezer continues to work in optimal condition. Most modern appliance feature advanced construction that is less forgiving of the mistakes made by self-appointed handymen, which is why you shouldn’t trust their care to amateurs. Please also keep in mind that releasing coolants and other pollutants into the air is not just unhealthy but is now also a violation of both federal and state environmental codes. Riverside Appliance Repair has it covered, as our repair crews have the training and equipment to ensure full compliance with the law.

We offer Riverside freezer repair and maintenance service at affordable pricing and convenient appointment scheduling. We put it all in writing before starting any job, and perform only the services which you agree to in advance. No gimmicks, no rip offs, and absolutely no hidden charges!

Is your freezer experiencing any of the following?


Temperature controls not working

One or more components (i.e. ice maker) not working

Broken door or racks

Defrosting unit broken

Internal light or external display went out

Loud and unusual noises

Unit not cycling on and off as usual

Powered off completely despite being plugged in.

If you are looking for Riverside freezer repair, you have come to the right place! We keep most of the commonly needed spare parts in our warehouse, which allows us to get your freezer or any other major appliance back up and running with minimal delays…often in only one visit! We only use manufacturer approved replacement parts and have experience servicing all stand-alone and combined refrigerator / freezer models made by Amana, Frigidaire, GE, Kenmore, Maytag, Whirlpool, and other major brand name companies.

Broken freezers are never fun, but contact Riverside Appliance Repair today and we’ll get it fixed fast, get it fixed right, and get it fixed at a price you can afford. Just call or email us today!